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Marine Insurance

If you are involved in the movement of goods – either domestically or internationally – then you are forced to contend with a multiplicity of risks. Marine cargo insurance cover is vital for mitigating your risks. It responds to physical loss or damage to goods imported, exported or transported within South Africa by any professional mode of transportation, be it ship, plane, train or truck.
In addition to our Marine cargo insurance offerings, our Marine hull insurance responds to physical loss or damage to the actual watercraft and, by extension, certain liabilities to passengers or third parties. Craft typically insured in the Kenyan market include private pleasure craft and commercial hull, such as fishing fleets located in local waters.
Further, our Marine liability products respond to the legal liability needs of ship repairers, ship builders, charterers and stevedores.
Depending on the kind of insurance you require, exclusions can and do apply. Typical exclusions to cargo cover include, among others:
• Loss, damage or expense resulting from deliberate damage or wilful misconduct by the insured
• Ordinary leakage or wear and tear of the insured goods
• Loss caused by delay
• Unseaworthiness of a vessel or craft
• Insufficiency or unsuitability of packing and packaging by the insured